What makes us unique?

Health in Hands Chiropractic Wollongong has a unique approach of finding and correcting the underlying cause of your health concerns, empowering you with the knowledge and inspiration to stay well, all in an environment of genuine caring and concern for you and your family.  This has placed Health in Hands at the forefront of Chiropractic and Wellness in the Illawarra.

Our Chiropractor, Dr April Traynor, has a deep belief in and respect for the natural healing ability of our body and our inborn potential to be well.  Dr Traynor uses gentle and modern chiropractic techniques in our practice. She has a deep passion for helping to improve the health and happiness of our community, for people of all ages.

Dr Traynor’s passion for healthy living has inspired her to create, develope and produce our Healthy Living Series. The Healthy Living Series is a collection of videos, designed to be time-sensitive for our modern day over-scheduled lives. It’s a practical programme filled with healthy living tips and tools that you can easily add to your life that very day! Dr Traynor covers a range of subjects from the Golden Rules of Health, through Posture Exercises, Nutrition and Supplements and even how to get a better nights sleep! All of our members automatically receive access to all of the Healthy Living Series videos and additional information provided within the series.